La Casa de las Vistas’ terms & conditions

Customer or hiring party: Person that hires the house for a holiday stay.

Property: The landlord of La Casa de las Vistas.
Booking: The hiring party must be over 21 years of age and accepts his/her own responsibility and that of the group before any misuse or attitude that could cause any  damage to property or the people that is working in it. In that situation, the landlord reserves the right to terminate and cancel the hiring party’s stay and that of the group.
The contract must be fill up with all the personal details of each member of the group. ID or passport are compulsory.

Capacity: The number of people inside the property cannot exceed the capacity shown in the house’s description, unless the landlord is informed before hand and a prior agreement is made between the parties. Besides 10 adult people (that it is the maximum authorized inside the property) it is possible to have a maximum of 1 child (under 3 years of age that will sleep with a family member) and 1 baby (that will sleep in a cradle). All these specifications may be subject to further agreement with the landlord. Otherwise, the contract could be cancelled without any kind of compensation or reparation.
Pets are not allowed in the property. As stated before, this specification may be subject to further agreement with the landlord, who could allow it, if it is previously agreed. The property is designated as non-smoking.
Prohibited activities: The hiring part must not keep inside the property flammable or explosive substances. It is strictly forbidden to use any kind of fireworks (firecrackers, flares… etc.).
It is forbidden to do any kind of illegal activity or to celebrate parties (landlord may allow to celebrate a party if he is informed beforehand; in that case, a written consent will be sent to the customer.

Booking confirmation: The reserve shall become effective after payment of the fee and once a written notification is sent by J. Ribas e Hijos, S.L. (La Casa de las Vistas).
Insurance Policy: It is an essential precondition for the hiring party to be in possession of a travel insurance that includes coverage for trip cancellation. Besides, all group members must be covered too. The hiring party is under his/her own responsibility and risk while they are using the property and its facilities (swimming pool, ponds, gardens, tennis court, barbeque… etc.) and they must be covered in case of illness, loss, injury or damage produced during the rental period; being the landlord strictly excluded of all liability for any damages, material or immaterial that could be produce inside or outside the property.

Security: The hiring party must be responsible of his/her and the group personal belongings. Although the property has security measures, and even if the hiring party is inside the property, he/she could be a victim of housebreaking, burglary or theft. The hiring person must take appropriate security measures, such as: to keep the gate, the house and cars shut and keep any valuable items in a safe place.

Period and prices: The stay is counted taking into account the number of nights spent in the house e.g.: 1 week=6 nights. The prices are calculated on the basis of the number of nights spent in the house (expressed in euro) for the whole property and its maximum capacity; with taxes and all the services and facilities sated before.
The price includes the stay in the house and its state inside the appointed days and the use of the house and its services and facilities.
The house will be handed clean and with clean bed linen and towels for a week. Any other additional service; such as: daily house cleaning, airport pickup, cook, chauffeur, and babysitter, dry cleaning…etc. will be in a separated invoice and its availability cannot always be guaranteed.

Deposit: Deposit is compulsory. It is an essential precondition for the hiring party to pay a deposit of 1.000 € in advance, together with the booking fee. The deposit will be given back to the hiring party once the stay is finished, after the landlord has checked that the property is in good condition. (Otherwise, if the landlord is not available to check the house in the departure day, the deposit will be given back to the hiring party within 7 days of the departure via bank transfer directly into the customer bank account). Only in the case of damages or losses in the property caused by any misuse (voluntary or involuntary) the amount of money needed for reparations will be deducted from the deposit.

Payment: If the booking is made more than 60 days before arrival; the hiring party must pay 30% of the total price in advance and the remaining 70% will be payed 60 days before the arrival day. If the booking is made 60 days, or within 60 days before arrival, the customer must pay the total (100%) price. The payment must be made via bank transfer into the following bank account:

Owner: J. Ribas e Hijos, S.L. CIF: B36601201
Bank: La Caixa
IBAN: ES83 2100 1657 8002 0003 1946
Together with the booking fee, the hiring party must also pay the deposit (1.000 €)

Changes of booking date and alterations to the schedule: If the hiring party changes the booking dates once the booking confirmation is sent, efforts will be made to ensure the date change requested by the costumer only in the case that those new requested dates are available and not already booked by other costumer. If the booking date change is made and the price fee is more expensive, the hiring party must pay the difference in advanced (together with a penalty fee) to ensure and make effective the new booking dates. Moreover, if the hiring party decides to shorten the booking period (once it is confirmed by the landlord) cancellation charges will apply to the hiring party.

If the booking dates are changed more than 60 days before arrival, the hiring party will be charged 30% of the amount payed in advanced (30% of the 30% of the booking fee).

If the booking dates are changed 60 days, or within 60 days before arrival, the customer will be charged 20% of the total booking fee.
Cancellation made by the hiring party: It will be effective once a written requested by the hiring party is received by the landlord.
If the cancellation request is received more than 60 days before arrival, the hiring party will lose the amount of money payed in advanced for the booking (30% of the booking fee).
If the cancellation request is received 60 days or within 60 days before arrival, the hiring party will lose the total booking fee (the deposit would be given back to the costumer). However, it could be allowed by the landlord to assign the use of the property to a third party if the hiring party and the landlord agrees.
Cancellation made by the landlord: In the case that the landlord was informed in relation with any changes in the hiring party’s booking dates; such as any changes in the property and services and facilities shown and stated before, major construction, refurbishment and major improvements made in the property, immediate sale of the property… etc. The landlord will inform the customer as soon as possible and will offer a similar alternative accommodation, if available. If the landlord’s efforts do not ensure an alternative accommodation, the total amount payed in advanced will be given back to the hiring party. If the hiring party has already spent part of his/her stay in the property, the proportional part of the booking fee would be given back.

Cases of force majeure: The land lord will not be liable if the property cannot be rented in cases of force majeure and out of his control; such as: Threat of war, riot, terrorist activity, civil strife, labour dispute, serious technical problems, power cut, water supply cut, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, flood, droughts, adverse weather conditions, fortuitous events, strikes, closure of airspace and airports, etc.

Check in: Arrival day from 17:00 onwards. Check out: Departure day at 10:00. Regardless of these specifications, as soon as the hiring party knows the day and time of his/her arrival and departure, must inform the landlord because this piece of information is highly important to organize transportation means, property cleaning and all the facilities of the house. In case these specifications are a problem for the customer, he/she must contact the landlord to be informed how to proceed.

Contact telephone number: The hiring party will be provided with the landlord’s telephone number to be used after hours. The use of this contact is only in case of emergency not for consulting any detail related with the stay, property or booking. The hiring party will have also the telephone number of different emergency departments; such as: Police station, hospitals, fire department. It is advisable to inform the landlord before any emergency.

Services included: The whole property is checked before arrivals and after departures of customers. The hiring party must keep the property in the same conditions as it was before his/her arrival. Any damages happened during the stay must be informed. The property will be clean and ready to host the customer. The maintenance of the state is included; such as: gardens, swimming pool, ponds and outdoor areas. Besides, a weekly change of bed linen and towels and a weekly cleaning of the house is also included. However, the hiring party undertakes to make a good use of the property and be environmentally friendly, to keep the property clean and to take care of furniture, household and equipment. The kitchenware and household effects, the oven, the barbecue and grill must be cleaned and keep in their places. Furniture must be in their original place. Garbage must be placed in the public trash containers. Please, use water and electricity properly.

Description and photos: Efforts are made to ensure that the property description is accurate to the original but the landlord is not liable because of changes in the property after publication. All changes made in the property are focused to improve the experience and facilities offered to the hiring party; such as: new furniture, exterior painting, decorations, and gardens. If any important changes are made, the hiring party would be informed beforehand.

Breakdowns, failures, faults: In case of any breakdown, failure or fault, it is highly important that the hiring party informs the landlord. This way, reparations will be made as soon as possible. Landlord is not liable of mechanical failures, such as: water pumps, boilers, swimming pool filter system, air conditioning systems, electrical appliances, poor internet connection due to Phone Company, or adequate water and electricity supply due to supply cut-offs. The lack of any of these services is not taken into account for further compensations nor suffering the inconvenience of any reparations made to restore any damage or fault. Only in the case of the lack of all the basic supplies, the hiring party would be given back the proportional amount of money of the days affected.

Noises or any other inconveniences produced outside the property is out of control of landlords’ capacity. Building or constructions works may be done whenever if they have a licence and landlord does not receive any kind of notification in order to know when they are finished. However, efforts will be made in order to minimize the inconveniences produced. Moreover, indoors construction works like windows installation, setting tiles… etc. are not considered a great trouble for local authorities.

Nuisances, troubles or inconveniences: Landlord cannot be liable of the nuisances produced by the vegetation and fauna that lives in the area, nor by neighbours.

Complaints: Landlords tries to give to the hiring party the best service ever, however if there is any complaint, landlord wishes to be contacted and informed as soon as possible to give answer and solve any problem or complain. In case the hiring party is not satisfied with the actions or solutions undertaken by the landlord, he/she can present a formal complaint. In the property there are complaint forms for the users of touristic properties. If the customer leaves the property without filling up the complaint form, the landlord understands that there is no further reason for complaining or claiming for the services offered by the landlord.

Applicable regime: As it is a touristic property settled in Spain; Spanish legislation and regulations will be applied.

La villa objeto de esta contratación, denominada comercialmente “La Casa de las Vistas” es propiedad de la empresa J. Ribas e Hijos, S.L., con CIF B-36601201 y domicilio fiscal en C/María de Molina 54 5 CP 28006 Madrid.

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